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Tourism Law
In our Islands, tourism is essential and the travel industry has widely spread. As a consequence it has been regulated extensively, particularly with reference to Civil, Commercial and Administrative law. Our firm works for notable clients in the travel industry. As a result of this collaboration we have achieved a specialist knowledge to assist our […]
Financial and Tax Advice Consultancy
All of us at Ramis Abogados know that it is only expertise which leads to the best results. We give of our best and we work with the best! The result of the agreement reached with the prestigious office of the economist Joan Lluís Vives is that Ramis Abogados can provide the best comprehensive economic […]
International Investments
Globalisation is a reality and to successfully confront the challenges it raises requires a precise and in-depth specialisation, a fluent use of languages, a control of the context and an attitude which is constantly open to innovation. Ramis Abogados has worked hard to achieve this and has specialists in this subject, assuring the best advice […]
Procedural Law
A good law firm is unable to provide sound legal assistance without taking into consideration that, in many cases, the law is not respected. In order for our services to be thorough in any discipline, be it civil, commercial, administrative or criminal, we need to study all the details of the process before the Courts […]
Criminal Law
Legal sanctions if the Law is deemed to have been transgressed. Criminal Law requires adequate expertise and special personal attention because the freedom of the individual could be at stake. Ramis Abogados has a specific practice area devoted to Economic and Financial Criminal Law. Faithful to the criterion of legal expertise, we choose to direct […]
Administrative Law
The use of public administrations in order to regulate your enterprise. Our relationship with public authorities is an on-going situation these days and it would be a perfect world if every citizen knew how to deal with them effectively. This, however, is not the case and public authorities can often be complicated and confusing. So […]