Criminal Law

Legal sanctions if the Law is deemed to have been transgressed.

Criminal Law requires adequate expertise and special personal attention because the freedom of the individual could be at stake.

Ramis Abogados has a specific practice area devoted to Economic and Financial Criminal Law. Faithful to the criterion of legal expertise, we choose to direct our actions by working with an attorneys experienced in Commercial and Criminal law. It is the only way of ensuring that we leave nothing to chance.

Our services include:

Economic crime against the National Heritage:

• Corporate.
• Fraud, Unfair acquisitions and administration.
• Punishable insolvencies.
• Falsehoods.
• Robbery and larceny.
• Material damages.

Crimes against the Inland Revenue Service and Money Laundering.

Bribery and Corruption crimes.

Crimes against the Environment and/or Territorial Regulations.

Invasion of privacy and image rights.

Damages to reputation.

Driving while intoxicated.