Maritime and Nautical Recreation Law

Maritime Law was already present in the Hammurabi code. Was the
first private international law.

With bases similar to civil law, the very nature of the sea
has shaped it making this a differentiated and particular branch whose
application requires specialized professionals.

Maritime Law

  • Ship construction contracts.
  • Contract for the purchase and sale of vessels.
  • Embarkation of Ships
  • Naval Financing and Mortgage.
  • Marine insurance
  • Ship exploitation contracts.
  • Port and Sea Law.
  • Special Canarian Registry (REBECA).

Recreational Nautics

  • Contracts for the sale and construction of yachts and mega yachts.
  • Charter contracts.
  • Registration of vessels in Spain.
  • Moorings, administrative concessions and fees.
  • Approaches.
  • Penalty procedures.