Civil Law

It is the law that deals with the person, their family relationships, their contracts and agreements, their property and possessions, their succession and inheritance.

Our services include:

Contracts. The drawing up, modification and interpretation of contracts:

• Buying/Selling.
• Leasing / Renting.
• Works.
• Services.

Family Rights. Protecting the Family Interests of our Clients:

• Separation and Divorce.
• Spanish implementation of divorce settlements made abroad.
• Measures in relation to children.
• Pensions and Division of Property.
• Liquidation of common assets.
• Custody Agreements.
• Absence.
• Guardianship.

Bequests, Inheritance and Gifting:

• Wills and Misdemeanors.
• Legitimacy.
• Acceptance of Inheritance.
• Legacy.
• Gifts.

Legal rights:

• Property and Estate Administration.
• Possession of property.
• Life Usage and Bare Ownership.
• Community Rights.
• Business Shares.
• Mortgage Law.
• Leasehold Property.

Consumer Law.

Rights of Personal Portrayal.

Mortgage and Commercial Registration Law.

Real Estate Law:

Apart from the ownership of property, its potential construction and/or adaptation must conform to urban regulatory requirements. Our team includes a number of professionals who specialise in the following:

• Property Contracts: Buying, Selling, Renting.
• Management Companies.
• Leasehold Property and other real estate law.
• Building Contracts.
• Responsibility and Defects Liability.

Planning Law:

• Land Management.
• Planning Regulations.
• Obtaining permits and other licences.
• Planning Proceedings.

Civil Responsibilities and Damages:

• Damages produced by accident and Natural Disasters.
• Professional Negligence: Medical, Architectural, Builders/Scaffold Workers, Legal, Engineering and any other party providing a service.
• Traffic Accidents.
• Insurance.

Debt Reclamation and Credit Rights:

How to receive payment of what you are owed: Invoices, Promissory Notes, Cheques, Bills of Exchange.

Company and Banking Law:

Any incidence can highlight the importance of your relationship with your bank.
The Law is complex and requires two areas of expertise:
• On the one hand, the individual who has to deal with such large corporations may feel unprotected.
• On the other hand, the banks have to change its working methods in order to adapt to the demands of a changing society.