Commercial Law

Today, more than ever, responsible businesses need precise and up-to-the-minute legal advice from lawyers who are specialists in their respective fields: Professionals worthy of the trust of their clients.

As a law firm of many years standing, our professional team offers many services including: Billing and collection, rights of partners; warranties, promissory notes, checks and bills of exchange, insurance and coverage, consumer and banking practice, competition and intellectual property and bankruptcy proceedings.

Our services include:

Company/Society Rights:

• Constitutions.
• Statute modification.
• Administration: Financial and Secretarial.
• Corporations.
• Rights and Obligations of Partners, Administrators and Representives.

Trade contracts:

• Representation.
• Loans.
• Distribution.
• Transport and provisions.

Business and Work Contracts.

Company contracts:

• Limited companies.
• Manufacturing companies.
• Partnerships.
• Co-operatives.
• Worker-owned companies.
• Sleeping Partnerships.

Competition Rights:

• Competition Protection Rights and Unfair Competition.

Industrial and Intellectual Property.

Sports Law.