Iñigo Azcona Soria

Íñigo Azcona Soria


A loud voice cannot compete with a clear one, even if it is a mere murmur.


Law degree from the University of Illes Balears (UIB) 2.009.

Masters degree in Legal Practice UIB – School of Legal Practice.

Called to the Bar of the Balearic Islands.

After a year of apprenticeship, Iñigo Azcona began the practice of law in a professional office in Palma focusing on the study of the Civil Law. Throughout this period, he also cooperated with other law firms in Palma on liability processes.

In June 2.012 he joined Ramis Abogados demonstrating, from day one, his commitment to civil issues. This commitment is evident with the wealth of experience he brings to the team and with his devotion to provide the highest possible service to our clients. He has also been often appointed as bankruptcy trustee by the Commercial Courts in our autonomy.