Melsion Ramis Perelló
Director Lawyer
The Law is learned studying, but it is exercised by thinking.
Eduardo Couture

Melsion Ramis Perelló is an attorney and solicitor who obtained his degree in Law in 1.992.

A vocational jurist who combined his studies while at University with a classic legal apprenticeship.

In 1.993 Melchor Ramis was called to the Legal Practice Bar Association. He opted immediately for specialisation in Civil and Commercial law as well as its possible impact on Economic criminal law.

After a study period in Great Britain, he opened an independent chambers in Palma – Majorca in 1.995.

Throughout 1.996 and 1.997 he combined his practice of law with the office of Secretary-Comptroller of the City Council, enabling him to gain deeper knowledge into administrative law.

He was associate professor of the Department of Private Law at the University of the Balearic Islands between 1.998 and 2.005 and professor of civil law at the School of The Legal Practice Bar Association between 1.999 and 2.007.

He is the author of various items of disclosure.

He has the honour of having been appointed the first bankruptcy trustee in Spain.

Melchor Ramis is also member of the Economic Circle and the Professional Association of Bankruptcy Trustees of Spain.